Covid safety guidelines 2021. (SLO field permit requirements)

  • Immediate family members are allowed as long as masks are worn the entire event and each groups stays socially distanced.
  • Please provide or require hand sanitization methods
  • Requirement of officials to wear coverings
  • Temperature checks prior to entering facility
  • If any equipment is shared, equipment must be sanitized between uses
  • If a pitcher puts his/her hands to their mouth and touches the ball, “TIME” is called, the pitcher must sanitize their hands and a new ball is inserted before throwing the next pitch.
  • We are using same covid protocol we use in tournaments. 
  • Masks to be worn when not on the field or at bat. 
  • Not shaking hands or high fives. 
  • Distancing while in dugouts. 
  • No sharing of equipment I.e. helmets bats gloves. 
  • Balls to be put in play by team in the field not shared. 
  • No spitting or pitcher going to his mouth before touching ball. 
  • Not netting’s on the mound of more than manager pitcher catcher. 
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Teams 35+

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Teams 18+

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Playing Fields

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Sinsheimer Park Baseball Stdm

900 Southwood Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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Porter Field

1467 Ash St, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Other Locations

Morro Bay High School

Santa Maria Baseball Park

Atascadero Community Field 

2021 Information
Opening Day APRIL 11th

Registration    NOTE:   MSBL / MABL  Men’s Senior Baseball League

You will need to have this wavier at the time of registration.   You can not practice, play, or participate without your wavier and paid insurance fee.

 Below you will see the basic rules and information about the our leagues.

35+ League / 18+ League
  1)  Teams can have 5 players on the roster younger than 35 years of age.
  2)  Players younger than 35 can not pitch in playoffs and only during regular season games if approved by other team
  3)  Players under 30 years of age can not play the position of the catcher or shortstop unless approved by other team
  4) Game days are typically Sunday only with playoffs on Saturday/Sunday.   Make-up games maybe any day or evening.
  5) Game time 2hr / 45min.
  6) 18-20 game season with playoff starting Sept

Generally, we announce players playing in positions before game time and seek approval.


1).  MSBL insurance $35  (MSBL)
2).  League Fees. $230  (MSBL)
TOTAL: $265
League Registration Form

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